List of Services

Starting at $50/WEEK

Clean & Tidy Refuse Subscription Program

Weekly Sorting

• Sorting of all trash and recycling
• Removal of all litter and debris

• Broom sweeping of the property 
• Trash liners for clean and tidy refuse management

Monthly subscription of $200/month is required

• All properties serviced weekly
• Snow removal, if needed, is available

Residential Services

Home Cleaning

New York’s greatest cleaning services. Spend your free time doing things you enjoy rather than cleaning your house. Relax and enjoy your life while our skilled cleaning crew does the dirty work.

Gardening & Yard Maintenance

Whether you need lawn mowing or a completely redesigned yard, DPH Property Management Service has you covered. You can rely on a devoted and dependable team to keep your grass looking fresh and tidy throughout the year.

Junk Removal

DPH Property Maintenance Service will come to your home and remove all of your garbage! Our hauling rubbish removal specialists will separate out the trash and haul it away. We’ll even clean up after ourselves!


Are you ready for a change? With a fresh coat of paint, you can transform your home. You can protect your property from the weather while preserving attractively painted and fully-protected surfaces that last with our high-quality residential painting services.

Furniture Assembly

Furniture assembly can be challenging, especially if you don’t know where to begin. When outfitting your home, proper and safe furniture assembly is critical. DPH emphasizes safety and perfection and will assemble your furniture with the utmost care.

Decluttering & Organizing

DPH specializes in home organization, unpacking, and decluttering for small spaces to entire homes. We make your place seem functional for the life you live, from clearing out your closets to arranging your kitchen.We will transform your home from disorganized to orderly.

Snow Removal

Edge-to-edge sidewalk shoveling and snow removal will ensure that people may move about safely. Many of our clients live in Brooklyn or other parts of New York where parking is scarce. We offer snow removal services to keep your parking lots and sidewalks clear of ice.

Electronics Recycling

Recycling e-waste conserves natural resources while also allowing recycling centers to recycle and recover materials from outdated electronics. Save energy, reduce pollution, conserve natural resources, and have a positive impact on the environment and our community by recycling e-waste.

Clean-Up & Trash Services

Ideal for demolition projects, overflowing basements, messy garages, office clean-outs, and commercial clean-outs. DPH will come to your home or business to identify what has to be removed. We take out everything you say must go. We remove garbage based on its weight. We all collect clutter, furniture, and building debris.

Commercial Services

Curb Cleaning

DPH employs a team of professionals with extensive experience cleaning the most tough outdoor surfaces, and we go above and beyond to ensure that our clients are entirely satisfied every time. We provide concrete cleaning and graffiti removal services at times that are convenient for you in order to minimize disruption to your customers and employees.

Property Maintenance

DPH Property Management Service is a full-service property management firm that offers lawn mowing, landscaping, snow removal, and a variety of other services to our clients.

Office Cleaning

When it comes to impressing customers and keeping employees happy, your company should leave nothing to chance – even your cleaning methods. DPH Maintenance Service is happy to offer the most comprehensive commercial cleaning services in the market to our clients. To provide more options for facility maintenance, we combine strong cleaning technologies and processes with a value-focused and courteous approach.

Moving & Deliveries

Our moving and delivery services help businesses of all sizes establish efficient and inspiring work spaces. Our experienced project management team guarantees that every detail is taken care of and that our clients are delighted with office relocations, redesigns, furniture installation, storage, and sustainability.

Interior & Exterior Painting

Any building can be given new vitality by just getting a new coat of paint. Our team will assist you in selecting the hues that will give your brand the most professional appearance and do justice to its identity.

Furniture Assembly

DPH offers home and business furniture assembly and installation services. Our commercial furniture installation services may assist you with the assembly and installation of office, conference, and other commercial business furniture. We can also manage packing/unpacking, delivery, and item relocation.

Apartment Staging

For many sellers, their property is a big retirement investment. We can help you stage your house to reduce the amount of time it is on the market. This will allow you to resume your normal life. We are here to make this procedure as easy as possible for you.